Let’s start by showing you the people that make Underdog successful!

Ok so we don’t have the technology to show your face in the mirror. But it’s our clients! Our clients are the most successful member of our team. Without them Underdog would not exist!

We help small businesses who are frustrated with technology become more stable, productive and profitable. We do that by focusing less on fixing broken things and more on strategy. We help businesses align with a standard or framework. By doing so allows us to help our clients future proof their business.

Underdog Mission Statement

At Underdog Computer and Network Support, we know Technology is always changing. Cyber threats on businesses are on the rise! Most businesses have a false sense of security. Keeping your business safe is a challenge. We believe every business regardless of size or industry needs a CIO. Technology is changing quickly and there is so much of it out there. It’s like a Chinese Menu. So many options and many of them look the same. Without an understanding of what they do and how they fit your business.

Many Businesses are:

  • Put At Risk: They don’t buy the right technology for their business or industry and leaves them open to security risks and legal risks.
  • Loss Productivity: Without proper expertise, you may overbuy technology which makes employees productivity inefficient.
  • Losing Profit: when there are issues it stops you and your employees from doing what makes you money.

We provide Secure and Tailored I.T. Solutions that help you reduce risk, stay productive and increase profits. That is the value Underdog brings to your business.

Underdog Vision Statement

To educate business owners on the importance of good security and properly managed devices. Become an Industry leader, Trusted Business Advisor and Community resource for all small businesses in the Poconos, Stroudsburg and Lehigh Valley area. Advance technology and help future proof businesses in the Poconos, Stroudsburg and Lehigh Valley area. Support our community through fellowship, volunteerism and philanthropy.

Meet the Underdog Team

Carmine J. Corridore

Carmine has been in the I.T. industry for 30 years. Holding various positions from field tech, team lead, service manager, project manager and Director of I.T.

In 2018 Carmine started Underdog Computer and Network Support. Providing businesses in the Poconos/Stroudsburg Area and Lehigh Valley with a different type of I.T. experience.

  • One that concentrates on the Business side of technology!
  • Offers our clients with a simple and easy way to get support.
  • Helps our clients concentrate on their business rather than technology.
  • Carmine and his team at Underdog aim to provide a great customer experience!

Carmine was born and raised in Deer Park, NY on Long Island. In 2000 Carmine with his wife Kelly moved to the Pocono Mountains. Shortly after their 2 children Dillon and Matthew were born and they began to put roots down.

When Carmine is not working he and his family are enjoying the outdoors. Carmine and family have been tent camping and hiking since the boys were very young.

Carmine has been volunteer leader with the Boy Scouts of American since 2008. Serving as a Den leader, Cubmaster and Asst. Scout Master.

Giving back to the community is a huge part of Carmine’s family core values. His family is always finding ways to give back to the community. Volunteering time at the local food pantries. Helping out on community projects through Rotary.

What Makes Us Different Can be Spelled out in our Core Values

Our Core Values

Teachy Not Preachy

Education is at the forefront of what we do. The willingness to share our knowledge with our clients and Co-Workers.


OUR Goal is to NEVER talk down or be superior to another. We Never mistake being knowledgeable for being superior. We Use our knowledge to help teach someone. “A rising tide lifts all boats”.


We can Pivot and change directions in a heartbeat. Being resourceful, able to think outside the box to get a solution. We Have a thirst for the answer, being able to seek!

Strive for Excellence

We always aim to do our best. We leave nothing on the field. You are always looking to better ourselves. Learn more, Do more, Be More!


Being an open book to our Clients and Co-Workers! We do what we say. We walk the walk and talk the talk. Being truthful no matter how hard that truth is. It’s a trust circle or bond we create with our co-workers and clients.

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